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Can I Help You With Your Sexuality and Intimacy Issues?

When you’re ready to work privately with me we would work on the areas that you need help with including the desired outcome that you would like to achieve. I will help you identify your blockages or beliefs that have been blocking you and your erotic fulfilment, and help you to take positive actions towards living your best life with providing you with guidance and a plan that would be tailored to best suit you and your lifestyle. Whatever your sexual or gender issue, concern, perceived limitation, expectation or goal, sex life coaching can help align you with your most inner and deepest desires. I enjoy helping people work on their blockages, breaking through your stagnant energy and obstacles that have been blocking your path towards living a well-rounded sexual existence.

For those who are interested in learning more about kink play or deepening a power play dynamic I also provide guidance on dominance, submission, S&M, role play. I have worked with hundreds of thousands of people with diverse interests and backgrounds so I know it, heard it and seen it all. If you want my extremely valuable and knowledgeable help I can definitely set you up for success. Over the years I’ve had success mentoring, teaching and guiding couples with their power play practice.

What I Believe In

1.  Everyone deserves an extraordinary relationship and sex life, and with the right guidance, everyone has the capacity to create the relationship of their dreams.

2.  Just like anything in life you have to actively work on it! Rock solid relationships and sizzling hot sex lives are not just going to fall into your lap; you have to create, nourish and develop them. I’m here to equip you with practical, actionable tools you need to create an extraordinary relationship.

3.  By taking a proactive approach to avoid getting to the point of a break-up or a divorce threat so you can avoid frantically Googling sex therapy in your area, in attempts to try to find someone who can immediately help you but by that time, it’s often too late. By proactively working to keep our relationships happy and joyful can prevent major challenges from coming up in the first place and it’s a lot more fun to focus on thriving than surviving.

4.  Being open, honest and vulnerable is needed for any progress and a successful outcome. It’s rare to have open and honest discussions about sex and relationships, but I’m determined to change that for you.

5.  Many successful couples approach sex with curiosity, creativity and genuine, whole-hearted curiosity, instead of fear, shame or judgment and it is then that a whole new world of creativity opens up to you. My goal is for you to have the absolute best toolkit possible, so we’re constantly experimenting with new and unique solutions to everyday sex and relationship problems.

6.  I work with a diversity of individuals who all are at many different stages in their sexual journey. I enjoy helping everyone feel more sexually whole and to have deeper intimacy in your relationship(s). I value diversity of identity, orientation, experience, opinion, and provide a safe space to explore topics around sexuality, including BDSM.

Let’s Get Started

Are you and your partner experiencing sexuality and intimacy issues? I know that talking about ones sexuality can feel intimidating or awkward at first but I think you came to my website because you want more from your sex life and relationships so what are you waiting for?
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