I’m not “just” a relationship coach, I’m passionate to make a difference in your life!
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Are you looking for a Relationship Coach online? I’ve been located near Vancouver for over two decades. For your convenience I offer sessions globally online.

I work with people of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship structures. I believe that everyone deserves pleasure and sexual well-being, and I invite you to discover your fullest erotic potential with me. All clients must be of legal age to work with me.

Our session will be held over audio or video Skype chat. FaceTime or phone sessions are an option.

I have worked as a full time professional dominatrix for fifteen years. This work gave me extensive practical experience and knowledge into understanding the psychology of human behaviour in all aspects of life including ones sexuality, which extends into numerous areas in our lives. After having a clear understanding of psychology from my own life experiences and mastering my profession as a sex expert I realized that many clients with diverse professions, backgrounds, interests and different stages of life were unconsciously unaware of their motives and unknowingly sought out BDSM to become empowered, heal traumas, blockages, sexual or various life issues through the explorations in attempts to overcome their issues and to reclaim their life.

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