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Hi there! I’m Dominique. Imagine experiencing your body, mind and heart in full alignment through the return of your sexual energy, intimacy, passion, by becoming empowered. I am passionate about sex coaching and offer practical and valuable sex coaching. It’s my calling to help you cultivate an honest and unconditionally loving relationship with yourself, your partner, and your spirituality. Start your sex coaching journey now!

You’ve Come To The Right Place.

“People are not born Warriors, Warriors are created from experiencing trial and error, pain and suffering and are those who are courageous enough to seek help and do the work that it takes to be able to live an overall enriched life.” – Dominique Domme

I’m Dominique; I am a sex therapist, relationship coach, sex educator, inspirational motivator and energy healer who enjoys helping my clients evolve into a better version of themselves so they can relish in having a more fulfilling and enriched sex life.

I’ve always had a quest for knowledge on a variety of topics to obtain information to evolve, learn, grow throughout my life so I can continuously refine and expand my consciousness and to help others emerge so collectively we all can have a more enriched life.

I have worked as a full time professional dominatrix in Vancouver for fifteen years. This work gave me extensive practical experience and knowledge into understanding the psychology of human behaviour in all aspects of life including one’s sexuality, which extends into numerous areas in our lives. After having a clear understanding of psychology from my own life experiences and mastering my profession as a sex expert I realized that many clients with diverse professions, backgrounds, interests and different stages of life were unconsciously unaware of their motives and unknowingly sought out BDSM to become empowered, heal traumas, blockages, sexual or various life issues through the explorations in attempts to overcome their issues and to reclaim their life.

I Offer An Optional Added Therapeutic Layer to Sex Coaching Sessions

I’m certified and have studied with different energy healing modalities for several years under internationally renowned practitioners. I have a diverse understanding of how to work with and move energy during a power exchange “energy exchange” session. In other words I’m able to help energetically shift and release energetic blockages within the bodies energy field that are present and ready to be released. I use a different approach and technique depending on the circumstance of it being either a kink or coaching session. An energy healing session releases stagnant energy blockages, releasing mental, emotional and physical blockages that bind your body and mind from your subtle body and opens up your energetic pathways and re-aligns the flow of energy in your body. As a result you will feel more ease and less disease and become increasingly peaceful inside and less conflicted.

I Come From a Place of Being In Balance With Mind, Body and Spirit

I have the knowledge and a strong desire to go beyond my job description in order to guide some clients that were obviously in a great need of help beyond a kink session to become consciously awakened with my guidance, strength and love for humanity. It was then that I decided to offer my clients more of a consensual sex therapy approach during their kink exploration(s). I was able to hold the space and be vulnerable alongside my clients to help and establish an open dialogue to be able to create a safe but controlled environment for my desired outcome is based on the issue(s) that were present in order for me to help those who needed it and from there my non traditional kink sessions and traditional sex coaching was born.

Over the years, I’ve successfully helped clients with all sorts of issues and concerns over several years now to achieve a fuller life. Based on my experience I know that there is a great need for my help and guidance on a larger scale therefore I’m making myself more accessible to a broader audience of clients who otherwise would not know where and how to find me unless you sought out a kink exploration session.

If you’re in need of some guidance to develop a deeper understanding in regards to self-knowledge, self-love, trust and intimacy to have an overall enriched and sexually fulfilling life that extends into other areas of your life, I would love to work with you.

Fun Facts about Me

I was once a special effects makeup artist who worked in the movie industry. I worked with and alongside many famous actors till I gave that up to start my own business.

I’m a mixed media visual artist who loves to create abstract paintings and have been fortunate to sell many creations of mine to clients who have discovered the paintings were for sale and mine.

I have passion for literature and love storytelling through creative writing explorations.

I always find inspiration from historical and influential true-life biographies,

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